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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
Enjoy and contribute!



Geographic coordinates: 0° 0' S, 0° 0' W
Coastline km: km
Natural hazards:

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Zones (9) Spots Sub zones
Andalucia 15 0
Aragon 1 0
Balearic Islands 4 0
Canary Islands 5 3
Cataluna 4 0
Comunidad Valenciana 4 0
Galicia 2 0
Murcia 2 0
Navarra 1 0

 Kite sessions

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servando avatar
Estepona Heaven
By servando
Jul 25, 2019

Club de Playa
By Agaliaretph
May 9, 2010
- The day started with slow winds and we used 10m2 kites until 15:00. Aftar that the wind got stronger and we started to use 7m2 kites. The wind turned a littel bit to the south and ther wasn't good waves.  

Club de Playa
By Agaliaretph
May 8, 2010
- This was not the best day. Wind was slow, and we only could use 10m2 kites. Some times the wind was too slow and we had to whait.

Club de Playa
By Agaliaretph
May 7, 2010
- It was a great day for kiting. Strong win, big waves and a lot of people. I uses my 7m2 kite. At the end of the day wind got stronger, more than 40 knots, and only people with a 5m2 stay in the water.

Club de Playa
By Agaliaretph
May 1, 2010
- I was a nice day for kiting. The wind was not to strong an we started with 10m2 kites, but at the end of the day the wind was good for 7 and 8m2 kites.
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