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 New Caledonia

Australia & Pacific

Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia
Geographic coordinates: 21° 30' S, 165° 30' E
Coastline km: 2,254 km km
Climate: tropical; modified by southeast trade winds; hot, humid
Terrain: coastal plains with interior mountains
Elevation: lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m highest point: Mont Panie 1,628 m
Natural hazards: cyclones, most frequent from November to March
Currency: Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF)
Population: 221,943 (July 2007 est.)
Languages: French (official), 33 Melanesian-Polynesian dialects
Capital: Noumea
Divisions: none (overseas territory of France); 3 provinces: Province des Iles, Province Nord, and Province Sud

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Spots (1)
Quality Experience Type Amenities
Poe Beach 2 / -
Everyone Lagoon


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Poe Beach
New Caledonia

Poe Beach
New Caledonia


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By Anonymous , 11-12-2006

POE beach, powered... - POE beach is one of the large range for KiteSurfing spots in New Caledonia... Blue lagoon with sand under for safety. Going to the reef bareer is as simple as quality of wind... Try it to see how cool it is... wind season from november to march (summer season comes with wind ;-))... with incredible sensations...

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