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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
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Location: Northern Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Western Sahara
Geographic coordinates: 32° 0' N, 5° 0' W
Coastline km: 1 835km km
Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior
Terrain: orthern coast and interior are mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus, intermontane valleys, and rich coastal plains
Natural hazards: northern mountains geologically unstable and subject to earthquakes; periodic droughts
Currency: Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Languages: Arabic (official), Berber dialects, French often the language of business, government, and diplomacy

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Spots (6)
Quality Experience Type Amenities
Alhoceima 4 / -
Everyone Beach
Azemmour Plage 26 / -
Established Beach
Essaouira Bay 1 / 1
Established Beach
Oulidia - / - Beginers Don't know
Sidi Kouki 4 / -
Established Beach
Tangier - Achakar 2 / -
Intermediate Open Ocean


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alexisurfer avatar
Azemmour Plage
By alexisurfer
May 17, 2008
first outing - Got wet and blown around, but had some fun - it was good to be back in the water again.  Waves were a fun size, but almost too big for my level of kiting
alexisurfer avatar
Trip: Morocco May 08
By alexisurfer
From May 16, 2008 to May 25, 2008
A short trip to see some friends, but got in some kiting between socializing.  Water is stil quite cold, but the wind was consistent and fun.

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